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Cyclite Illuminated Cycling Jacket

Cyclite Illuminated Bicycle Cycling Jacket

Anyone who cycles at night or during bad weather knows the feeling of vulnerability as they hear a car approaching from behind. “Have they seen me?” is the thought that goes through my mind.

Cyclite have released an all-weather cycling jacket with a surprise literally up its sleeve.

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Pedalites – pedals to be seen with

Pedalite - flashing pedals

Pedalite is the first integral lighting system for bicycles. Pedalite requires no batteries as the cyclist is the source of energy. Even when the cyclist is stationary or free-wheeling, Pedalite’s unique energy storage system ensures that the high-efficiency LEDs remain flashing for up to 12 minutes. These LEDs provide a 360 degree warning signal to the motorist.

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Reelights Induction Bicycle Lights

Reelights are unique in their method of generating electrical energy. While the high-performance LED front and rear lights are conventional, they are powered by a wheel-based induction system.

Two magnets are attached to each wheel, and as they sweep past the light/generator assembly, electrical energy is generated, enough to power the lights. Unlike conventional dynamo systems, there is no drag and no wear on moving parts.

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Amazing Bicycle Spoke Lights

Hokey Spoke lights

One of the big dangers of riding a bike at night is being seen by cars. Sure, you could put the world’s most powerful headlights up front, and a dozen flashing LEDs on your rear, but many bicycle-car collisions involve a car not seeing a bike from the side.

There are very few side-lighting systems available.

Hokey-Spokes fills this gap very well. Hokey-Spokes are a strip of LEDs mounted within the spokes of either the front or rear wheel of your bike. As your wheel spins, the LEDs trace a pattern of light. If you are going fast enough, the human eye’s persistence of vision sees this as a semi-solid face of light.

This is great, but what is really wonderful is that with different combinations of LED patterns, a myriad of images can be created. In fact, the LEDs can be programmed to spell out individual words.

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