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August 25th, 2009

Where I hail from in Australia, it rarely rains. So fenders (or mudguards, as we call them) are little used and regarded as very nerdy.

Then I moved to Vancouver, BC. Its a different cycling world here. Here, the weather comes in two flavours: raining, or about to rain. Fenders are an ugly, but useful necessity.

So when I built my Surly Long Haul Trucker, I started looking for the perfect set of fenders to match its cool, retro lines. Somehow, I stumbled onto Woody’s Custom Wooden Fenders.

Like your factory-made plastic fenders, these fenders will protect you from mud, rain and slush. But unlike a factory-made plastic fender, these fenders are custom-made, sustainable and true works of art.

Cody Davis

The hands behind the fenders belong to Cody Davis, who works out of his garage in Bend, Oregon. He was amazed at the types of wood he found in the dumpster of a local window and door business – “You wouldn’t believe the kind of stuff they toss out- Mahogany, Wenge, Teak, and Walnut”. He recycled the wood, making furniture for himself and friends. Later, while working for a local bike shop turning wrenches, his boss went to the interbike show and saw some wood fenders then told Cody about them when he got back. He made a few and started selling them on Ebay, and sold extremely well. He soon had a website built and started selling them direct.

Cody Davis

“I keep adding new patterns all the time and experiment with different combinations of wood to come up with some really unique patterns”. Cody builds his fenders out of three layers of wood, laminated together, with inlayed designs, mostly using recycled and salvaged woods. They can be ordered in various widths, for different wheel sizes and with or without cutouts for the bike stays. They arrive fully built, pre-curved, giving them their strength.

Cody Davis

I contacted Cody about some custom fenders for my Surly, as I was very keen to use only recycled wood for my bike. He was extremely helpful, recommending some recycled walnut, with maple inlay, and we quickly decided on a design. To my surprise, they arrived at my doorstep less than a week later.

Cody Davis

The fenders are beautiful, and complement the bike perfectly. They are very strong – I suspect stronger than most plastic fenders. The fittings are of very high quality stainless steel and brass, and it was a simple matter to adjust it to fit the bike. And unlike many factory-made fenders, Cody’s are a generous length at the back, really stopping that muddy spray. The only modification I had to make was to trim the length of the front metal struts, to avoid them hitting my shoe when I turned the wheel.

Cody Davis

Since being installed, I have done a 600km tour of Oregon, around Mt Hood and around the islands off the coast of Vancouver, BC. At various times, the bike has been loaded, unboxed, onto Amtrak trains, ferries across Seattle harbour and the Georgia Straight, banged around on gravel roads over Lolo Pass, and generally being mistreated. Apart from a bit of road dust, the fenders look as good as new. In fact, they gleam.

Cody Davis

If you are interested in making your bike unique, take a look at the huge collection of designs he has available on his website. If you don’t find one you like, he is happy to make one to your own specifications. They are priced at about $99 to $150. For those interested in other parts, Cody has started making racks, chain guards and bottle cages.

Check out Woody’s Custom Fenders website for the full range, and ideas.

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