Cyclite Illuminated Cycling Jacket

June 5th, 2006

Cyclite Illuminated Cycling Jacket

Anyone who rides a bicycle at night or during bad weather knows the feeling of vulnerability as they hear a car approaching from behind. “Have they seen me?” is the thought that goes through my mind.

Cyclite have released an all-weather hi-visibility cycling jacket. This is a quality waterproof jacket made for bad conditions. Made from Hydrocell 2.5 stretch fabric, its breathable outer layer wicks sweat away and keeps you dry. Multiple 3M Scotchlite reflective panels shine in the light of car headlights.

But its revolutionary feature is its built-in electro-luminescent panels. There are two strips running from top front to rear back, giving 360 degree protection. When switched on, the entire strip flashes a very bright blue.

Cyclite flashing cycling jacket.

The panels are two micro-thin strips of flexible plastic, attached at the top end to a wheather-proof battery housing. These are no cheap LEDs – this is next-generation stuff. The plastic has an electroluminescent strip embedded, and this entire strip flashes a very bright blue. Blue has been shown to be taken more seriously by car drivers than other colors.

Each side is run from 2 AAA batteries, and are said to run for 300 hours before recharging or replacing. I have had mine for one full winter season, using it for an hour each night, 5 nights per week. Still on my first set of batteries.

The jacket is a high quality package, and very well thought out. Obviously, this was made by consulting real cyclists. There are zippered under-arm ventilation ports, 2 weatherproof pockets, seamseals on all joins, a well-insulated high collar, drawstring waistband, extra-low back to cover your behind when cycling, velcro cuff tighteners, and even an internal, weatherproof iPod pouch on the left sleeve, with internal earphone cable routing.

Never has being safe been so stylish.

Available for US$190 from the Cyclite website.

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